Francis Kahn


Born in Zurich in 1959, Francis is a professor of finance. After multidisciplinary training in France in economics, law, taxation, accounting and Sciences Po Paris, he began his career in engineering and at the same time taught at several universities and major schools. He then joined the world of market finance, co-directing a private bank in Zurich before founding banking and financial training centers in Geneva and management and global planning companies.

Claude Morgenegg

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Born in Yverdon-les-Bains in 1951, Claude is a Doctor of Mathematical Sciences from EPFL. After economic training at the University of California at Berkeley, he began an academic career in French-speaking Switzerland. He then joined the world of finance, first in a large Swiss bank, then with two private bankers in Geneva. He teaches finance at AZEK.

Jean Baptiste di Natale


Born in Lausanne in 1971, Jean-Baptiste began with an apprenticeship with the Société de Banque Suisse in Lausanne, he continued for several years in Zurich in Private Banking. He continues his career in Monaco, still with the SBS. On his return to Switzerland he joined HSBC Guyerzeller Bank, then in 2004, Kahn & Cie Financial Experts.

Nicolas Cazade


Born in Paris in 1969, Nicolas is an AgroParis Engineer, graduated in private wealth management and specialist in analysis methods and asset selection. After starting his career in industry in finance control and administrative and financial management, he joined private wealth management in France and then in Geneva.

Geneva Compliance Group

Compliance and risk management

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